Creative Process

Karen has spent years developing her skills as a fiber artist. From the spinning of wool from her sheep, to felting, to the weaving of fine fabrics - she knows her craft.

Nuno Felting

Nuno felting is a wet felting technique that involves the layering of wool onto another natural material such as silk or cotton. The wool layer is then embellished with a variety of colorful materials before wet felting the piece. Materials for embellishing might include yarns, bamboo fibers, silk material or silk paper. Once layered, the components are wet down with warm soapy water. Then the materials are rolled, rubbed and agitated until the fibers begin to mesh together. The process continues until the fibers are completely "felted" into a single layer.

Whether you are learning the art of nuno felting for the first time or have many years as an experienced fiber artisan, the most exciting part of the process comes when the felting is complete and you can see the final product. The results are always surprising!

Needle Felting

This technique entails the use of dry wool and special sharp barbed needles to draw the fibers together to create the art piece.